Egg Donation is a Gift of Life

Egg Donors are remarkable women that can help childless couples or single women create a family since they are not able to do so with their own eggs.

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Aphrodite Egg Bank

Aphrodite Egg Bank has been established due to the rapid growth of our egg donation program and operates under Pedieos IVF Center. We currently work with several clinics in Europe, North America and the Middle East along with individual patients directly. Our guarantee packages and prices are matched to none.

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Clinical pregnancy rate on the first embryo transfer achieved with vitrified eggs from our Egg Bank

Egg Bank Cyprus
Egg Donor Aphrodite Egg Bank Cyprus

Our Donors

  • Diverse pool of donor ethnicities due to the large number of international students in the region and the high influx of seasonal workers and expats.
  • Donor ethnicities are Caucasian, Asian and African.
  • Donors are between 18-33 years of age, by law.
  • All our donors are altruistic and their selection, examination and compensation follow the rules and regulations of HFEA (UK)FDA (USA) and Health Canada.
  • In our database we offer both Fresh and Frozen eggs.
Become an egg donor in Cyprus

Become an Egg Donor

Becoming an Egg Donor leads to a very exciting and rewarding journey by making a childless couple or a single woman’s dreams of becoming a parent come true.

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Vitrified (frozen) eggs from Aphrodite Egg Bank show a very high performance with a clinical pregnancy rate of 78% on the first embryo transfer.

Approvals and Accreditations

We follow guidelines and regulations to meet international standards.

EU Tissue & Cells Directive Licensed
FDA Licensed (USA)
Health Canada Licensed
HFEA Compliant (UK)
Ireland Compliant

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