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on egg donation

Aphrodite Egg Bank Worldwide Donor Egg Guarantee

At Aphrodite Egg Bank, we recognize the emotional and financial commitment involved in fertility treatments. That’s why we are dedicated to providing peace of mind to intended parents with our

Aphrodite Egg Bank at the Cyprus Forum 2022

During 29-30 September 2022, our General Manager Stephanos Trokoudes, Head Embryologist...

Dr. Katerina Menelaou: FAQ intended parents & Egg Donation

There are a few occasions where women might choose to go down the egg donation path..

Aphrodite Egg Bank Goes Online

In October 2021 Aphrodite Egg Bank based out of Nicosia Cyprus launched a brand new online platform that...

Differences Between Fresh and Vitrified Donor Oocytes

The study published in 2011 in Fertility Sterility by Pedieos IVF Center and Cork Fertility Centre investigated the...

Safety Measures for Visiting Aphrodite Egg Bank

We would like to inform that as a precaution against Covid-19, Aphrodite Egg Bank will..

The Legality of Egg Donation in Cyprus

Aphrodite Egg Bank, operating under Pedieos IVF Center, is licensed by both the Ministry of Health of the...

Limited Supply of Egg Donors with High Demand

Some of our egg donors in high demand due to proven fertility are low in stock...