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Egg donors are trully
remarkable women

Experience giving
the gift of life

Egg Donors are remarkable women that can help couples or single women create a family since they are not able to do so with their own eggs. As an Egg Donor, you receive a generous reimbursement package for your time, along with a number of free medical exams and genetic tests that are very expensive if you did them on your own. These tests can help you understand a lot about your health and your fertility.

Becoming an Egg Donor leads to a very exciting and rewarding journey by making a couple’s dream come true by becoming a parent. It is a very gratifying experience. The generosity and compassion of a person that decides to follow this path are never forgotten by the intended parents.

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Understanding how egg donation works

Most importantly, a feeling of giving the gift of parenthood that would not be possible without people like you. You get to be the person that helps another woman become pregnant and hold a baby in her arms.

Through the donation process, you also receive a generous reimbursement package. Once you apply to become an egg donor, we will communicate with you to explain how this works.

Taking time off work or from your studies is important, so we offer full reimbursement based on European legislation. Also you will benefit from:

  • Free health evaluation worth thousands of Euros to better understand your health and fertility level.
  • Genetic testing for 300+ recessive genes
  • Fertility test – AMH
  • STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • Blood work

Another great way you benefit from fertility testing is that if any medical indications are shown in the tests, you will get a free consultation from our doctor to help you understand how you can mitigate the problem and have a child in the future.

Our egg donors are very diverse in terms of their backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicity, interest, and appearance. Everyone is welcome to apply as long as you are a woman between 18-31 years old. In addition, you shouldn’t have any serious inherited medical conditions. 

Thousands of women are unable to conceive naturally, and for them using donor eggs to get pregnant is the only solution. There are many reasons for such conditions; however, these are the most common ones:

  • Some women might experience premature menopause before age 40, often leading to infertility.
  • For cancer patients, treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy, often damage their eggs and ovaries – as a result, there are no eggs produced.
  • Some women are fertile and able to produce eggs but suffer from or carry serious genetic diseases. Using donated eggs avoids passing the condition onto a child.

Yes, you can as long as the egg donation takes place in a country where this procedure is legal; for example – Cyprus. Even though some countries have legal restrictions on egg donation, candidates can still join the egg donation program abroad.

Aphrodite Egg Bank in Cyprus is licensed by both the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus and by the European Tissue and Cells Directives (EUTCD). Following all the legal guidelines of these two accredited boards, our egg bank is within its legal boundaries to procure, test, process, store, distribute, import, and export human gametes and embryos.”

We understand your concerns and always encourage asking questions before making any decision. As our egg donors are between 18-31, it is normal to have questions about future planning at this age. We want to ensure that we always prioritize the donor’s fertility and run a fertility check called AMH to confirm that a candidate is in the right position to donate.

If one’s fertility is low, a candidate will not be allowed to proceed with egg donation. 

The process in Cyprus is fully anonymous by law, therefore your identity is always kept secret. At the same time, the donor is never given the identifying information of the recipients.

However, you have the opportunity to also become an open donor, which means that we can give your eggs to patients in other countries that require identifiable donors, such as the United Kingdom. Being an open donor means that if the child is aware they were conceived using donor eggs and once they become 14-18 years old, according to the country, they can request the identifying information of the donor.

Becoming an egg donor

Aphrodite Egg Bank is based in the Republic of Cyprus; however, our egg donors are multicultural and come from different countries. We are proud to be working with other clinics, allowing our donors to complete 95% of their egg donation process in their own country and come to Cyprus only for the final “Egg Donation” stage, which only takes a few hours.

Step 1


Complete a short donor application online so we can see if you are eligible to proceed further. Expect a phone call within 48h from our donor coordinator Victoria Sasheva.

Step 2


Receive a phone call from our donor coordinator Victoria Sasheva who is going to walk you through the entire program
and answer any questions
you may have.

Step 3


You will then visit one of our doctors near the area where you live for a small examination and bloodwork to check
if you are a good candidate
for egg donation.

Step 4


If all the tests are good, the next step is to prepare your ovaries for donation. Treatment will mainly include birth control and a tiny and painless injection
daily for 9-10 days.

Step 5


As you get closer to the donation date, you will visit the doctor for a final check-up to make sure that everything is going well
and you are ready for
the donation.

Step 6

Egg donation

You will come to the clinic one last time for the egg donation. After the egg collection, you should rest for 2-3 hours and then
you can go back to your
regular schedule.