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Differences Between Fresh and Vitrified Donor Oocytes

The study published in 2011 in Fertility Sterility by Pedieos IVF Center and Cork Fertility Centre investigated the differences between fresh and vitrified donor oocytes. The survival, fertilisation, early embryonic development, and clinical outcomes were the measures evaluated in this study.

The results indicated there was no statistically significant difference between these values in the two groups. This is shown in Table 2 below, which specifically shows that at the time the study took place, the clinical pregnancy rate when using fresh oocytes was 48.8% and when using vitrified oocytes was 55.6%.

This study performed using donor oocytes from Aphrodite Egg Bank shows that there are the same chances of success regardless if fresh or vitrified oocytes are used during an Ovum Donation cycle. A similar matching pattern of the clinical pregnancy rates exists until today using donor eggs from Aphrodite Egg Bank. That is why our center is confident to offer the guarantee plans of 1 or 2 blastocysts with both the use of fresh and frozen oocytes.

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